COVID 19 WeatherMakers Update - WeatherMakers

WeatherMakers’ Protecting Your Comfort and Safety During Covid-19

We would like to start off by assuring you that we are still hard at work 24 hours a day ensuring your
Safety and Comfort … for Life! We are monitoring updates and recommendations from Alberta Health
Services, Public Health Agency of Canada, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the World
Health Organization to ensure we are taking all appropriate and recommended measures.

The following protocols are in place to ensure your health, safety and comfort are protected:

• Social distancing is maintained throughout your call.
• Your healthy technician will be wearing clean shoe covers and clean gloves to protect you, your family and your home.
• Respirator half masks are readily available if you prefer it be worn or the work performed requires it.
• Technicians wash and/or sanitize their hands before, during and after each call.
• Rest assured any electronic devises that the technician uses, such as their IPad or Moneris hand held devise have been sterilized before, during and after your call. Verbal acknowledgement or approval will be obtained instead of your signature, limiting your contact with the IPad.
• Back at the shop, surfaces are sterilized several times a day. Most office staff will be working from home ensuring the technicians are dispatched in a timely fashion as always and that our clients are served. Social distancing is practised in the event the occasional and rare “team member” sighting occurs.
• Prior to dispatching your service technician to you, you will be asked a series of questions to ensure your home and it’s occupants are healthy and not exhibiting any symptoms.
• Any team members who may be experiencing symptoms related to Covid-19 are directed to remain home and consult with their physician and practise all recommended quarantine procedures.
• If you have recently had us in your home or business to perform a service and you are exhibiting any symptoms related to Covid-19, please call us so that we can help ensure the health and
safety of our team members and clients.

We are proud to say that many of these steps have been a part of the “WeatherMakers’ Way” for many years!

Your indoor air quality can be protected. If you haven’t already, ask your service technician how we can help.

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