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Edmonton Humidification Services

Is your home too dry in winter? Too humid in the summer

Low humidity can cause dry and itchy skin, eye irritation, and can damage furniture by causing cracks in wood. Home dryness can cause those annoying little electric shocks when you touch someone or something.

In the winter, we seal up our homes and stay inside, which makes us prone to all the indoor air pollution in our homes. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates indoor air to be 2-5 times as polluted as the air outside. Some people say the cold and flu season is due to the dry air combined with the trapped indoor air contaminants.

To reduce the risk of getting the cold or flu, skin and eye irritations, and damaged furniture, consider using a whole home humidifier.

Benefits of installing a humidifier:

Did you know you can lower utility bills by using a humidifier? Dry air feels colder due to the quicker process of evaporation. Part of the reason why you feel so cold after stepping out of the shower is because you are moving from a moist environment to a dry one. With proper humidity levels you can be comfortable at a lower thermostat setting, saving you money and energy.

Dry air also contributes to sickness, nosebleeds, dehydration, asthma, irritated skin and eyes, and static electricity. Protect your furniture and hardwood floors from drying, cracking and shrinking. Improve the overall health and comfort of your family by reliving dry skin, chapped lips, sore throats and much more.

If these sound like symptoms in your home, a home Call us today to schedule your humidifier installation!

We Provide the Following Humidifier Services in Edmonton

  • Humidification
  • Air Filtration Systems
  • Air Cleaner Systems
  • Humidifiers
  • HEPA Filters
  • Indoor Air Purification
  • Humidifier Filters
  • Home Humidifiers
  • Central Air Systems
  • Indoor Air Quality

We Provide Humidification Services in the Following Areas:

Edmonton, AB | Sherwood Park, AB | St. Albert, AB | Stony Plain, AB | Spruce Grove, AB | Fort Saskatchewan, AB | Leduc, AB | Beaumont, AB | Devon, AB | Calmar, AB | Nisku, AB

Why Edmonton Homeowners Should Hire Us for Humidification Services

In addition to providing first-rate service, we also strive to keep our prices fair by leveraging our experience and relationships with manufacturers to create a streamlined and cost-efficient process.

We only employ certified, experienced and courteous technicians that provide you with exceptional, consistent service. We offer full warranties on all of our materials. If you are not completely satisfied, we’ll make things right or provide you with a full refund.

If you are in need of humidification and indoor air quality services in the Edmonton area, call WeatherMakers at 780-266-3678 (780-COMFORT) or use our online request form.