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A/C Deal of the Summer!

Now Is the Time to Buy. Purchase a qualifying Air Conditioner and get a FREE 10-year extended parts AND labour warranty PLUS a 2-year WeatherMakers Comfort Club Membership that includes two tune-ups and safety inspections, front-of-the-line service and a 20% discount on system accessories!
*Conditions will apply. Please call WeatherMakers for more details


Summer Plumbing Special

Now Is the Time to Buy. From June 1, 2019, to August 31, 2019, don’t pay the service fee on any plumbing repair! This is a $119.00 value and is applicable to any plumbing service call.


A/C Comfort Club

Take the Worry Out of Home Ownership. From June 1, 2019 to August 31, 2019, receive a FREE one-year WeatherMakers’ Comfort Club Membership on any air conditioning repair! This is a $151.20 value.


Bring Comfort Home This Summer

Cool and Clean Air. Get a comfortable night’s sleep on WeatherMakers this summer. Air conditioning for as little as $1.55 a day! Call today for a free quote.


Great Prices on Furnaces

Off-season Pricing. Get a step ahead of Old Man Winter while he’s vacationing this summer. New furnaces for as little as $0.91 a day! Call today for a free quote.



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Home Improvement Rebates

Did you know you can increase your at-home energy efficiency with improved insulation, upgraded windows, and installation of tankless water heaters—all at a great discount, thanks to a provincial rebate program.

Increasing energy efficiency in our homes is key to lowering our carbon footprint. We can do this through new technologies that allow us to reduce carbon output while still maintaining the same quality of life we’ve always enjoyed. Working with Energy Efficiency Alberta allows us to provide more affordable options when it comes to:

  • Instant Savings on Energy-Efficient Products
  • Home Improvement Rebates
  • Online Rebates

Save Big: Tankless Water Heaters

Partnering with Energy Efficient Alberta has given WeatherMakers access to discounts and rebates on new tankless water heater installations. Tankless water heaters are more energy efficient than traditional tank units, improving the overall energy-efficiency of your home.

Tankless hot water systems take up less space, waste less energy and may even provide hot water faster than conventional systems. Domestic hot water upgrades to ENERGY STAR® tankless systems present a tremendous energy-saving opportunity over older storage tank systems, especially those equipped with standing pilot lights.

Rebates of up to $1,000 are available for the installation of a new tankless hot water heater. The following examples provide minimum estimates of how much money you can expect to get back in rebates—call today for more details.

EEA Mandate

The mandate of Energy Efficiency Alberta is:

  • To raise awareness among energy consumers of energy use and the associated economic and environmental consequences.
  • To promote, design and deliver programs and carry out other activities related to energy efficiency, energy conservation and the development of micro-generation and small-scale energy systems in Alberta.
  • To promote the development of an energy efficiency services industry.

EPA Rebate Image