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Edmonton air conditioning, heating and plumbing pipe/duct repairs

Air duct cleaning for better indoor air quality

Over time, dirt, debris, and dust can accumulate in your ductwork. Your heating and cooling systems circulate around 1.5 million cubic feet of air through your duct system every day. If the inside of your ductwork is dirty, that means that your air is dirty, too. A dirty duct system also inhibits the performance of your HVAC system.

We recommend inspecting and cleaning your air duct system every five years or so. If you don’t remember the last time you’ve had a professional air duct cleaning, you’re probably due for one. Clean air ducts dramatically improve the quality of your indoor air.

Carefully remove a vent cover and take a flash picture inside the vent. If you see dust, debris, rodent droppings, or mold, call us. You’ll be breathing easy in no time.

Home Air Humidification Services

Is your home too dry in winter and too humid in summer? You don’t need to suffer the extremes. Properly installed home air humidifiers will help keep you comfortable year-round and save money.
How do I know I need a Humidifier for my Home?

In winter, low humidity can cause many symptoms and issues:

  • dry and itchy skin
  • eye irritation
  • damage to wood flooring and furniture
  • static charges that ruin small appliances
  • inefficient heating of indoor air

In summer, high humidity can cause symptoms and issues that include:

  • humid air that feels too hot
  • condensation on windows
  • swelling of floors, doors and frames, window sills and furniture

If you have these symptoms or conditions, WeatherMakers has a solution for you.

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Edmonton Air purification and Air Filtration

Today’s homes are sealed much more tightly than homes built many years ago. As a result, the air in our homes can be two to five times more polluted than the worst exterior air. Clean indoor air simply doesn’t happen without controlling indoor pollutants, which can include microscopic organisms, particulates, and other pollutants. There are several home air purifier options, and our trained technicians can help you choose the right solution for your situation.

Our Edmonton Area Service Pledge

  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Red-carpet treatment (shoe covers, no mess)
  • Live call center
  • Courtesy call before and after service
  • Background checked and drug-tested technicians
  • Upfront pricing
  • Fully stocked truck and prepared technicians
  • Family-owned and operated

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Quick Service On Emergency Call – 24/7

Our live call center is staffed 24/7 to schedule professional plumbing service whenever you need it. It doesn’t matter if you have an overflowing toilet or need a full pipe replacement, there is a master emergency plumber ready to serve you around the clock.

When you call WeatherMakers, a professional will arrive at your home in a fully stocked truck for quick and efficient regular or emergency plumbing repairs. Using floor runners and shoe covers, we’ll make sure your house is as clean as when we found it. If you should find any mess or damage to your property, we will clean or repair it for free.

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